Dear Students,

As you are aware, we are now moving to phase 2 of the recovery Stage from COVID-19,

Which invariably means face to face classroom time from September,

We are implementing a lot of things to allow a smooth transition and compliance with Government Legislation,

We expect all our students to comply with the following rules otherwise we reserve the right to refuse you entry into the College.

1. All individuals entering the College will be required to take a temperature check, if your body temperature is higher than the average you might be sent back home and be told to follow guidelines or conduct a COVID Test

2. Everyone must keep a 1-meter distance at all times even during the classroom Breaks and students in the same class must not mix with students in the other classroom

3. No student will be admitted into the college if they are not wearing a face mask or face covering

4. Teachers will use visors when teaching or keep a 1 Meter distance from all students in line with government legislation

5. Break times will be staggered and students from different classes are forbidden from mixing up during break times

6. All students must wash their hands before going to the class and after every break

7. Should it not be reasonably possible to wash hands then sanitizers provided must be used

8. Should you come in contact with anyone with Covid-19 or you develop symptoms you must isolate for 14 days and must inform the college immediately on 02086910766 or via email on  or

9. Should we find out that anyone in the same class as yourself come in contact with Covid-19 everyone within that training bubble would be informed and they MUST self isolate for 14 days

10. Should there be an outbreak or any students or staff who have confirmed Covid-19 we will immediately suspend physical classes and all classes will move to online at short notice

11. Please continue to follow public health England Advice and your local authority publications at all time

12. Please be rest assured that we will regularly disinfect classroom and hard touch surfaces to prevent the spread of germs and Viruses and we expect all students to remove all their belongings and rubbish when leaving the classroom

13. Students are not allowed to share pens or writing materials and smokers are actively discouraged from sharing Cigarettes and lighters during breaks

let’s work together to keep each other safe

Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or Younes on 02086910766

Thanks for your co-operation

Tropics Global College Team