Why choosing an accounting course?

This accounting course will provide learners with an understanding of financial management in order to effectively run their own small business or to get the minimum knowledge.

Our classes will also enable students to document business accounts that are compliant with the standards and HMRC requirements.

This explanation of accounting basics will introduce you to some basic accounting principles, accounting concepts, and terminology. Once you become familiar with some of these terms and concepts, you will feel comfortable.

Some of the basic terms that you will learn include revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. You will become familiar with debits and credits as we show you how to record transactions. You will also see why two basic principles, the revenue recognition principle and the matching principle, assure that a company’s income statement reports a company’s profitability.


1- Self Assessment (personal tax return).

2- Budget and cashflow.

3- Payroll.

4- Test of Knowledge.


Course time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. (Thursday and Friday)

Course available every month.


Close January Close July
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Close March 17-18-24-25 September
Close April 15-16-22-23 October
Close May 12-13-19-20 November
Close June 10-11-17-18 December

Course: Recruitment ongoing.

Minimum age: 18

Class size: Max 15 (average class size 10)


4 days / 2 weeks (twice a week)