If you are aged 24 or over and want to study an Access to Higher Education Diploma, a Level 3 or 4 Certificate or Diploma, there is help available to fund your course.

Study for the career you want now without having to pay course fees up-front with the 24+ Advanced Learner Loan.

Courses available

  • Business Administration
  • Adult Care
  • Children and Young People Workforce
  • Business Management
  • Education

Qualify now pay later

  • Advanced Learner Loans are available to cover tuition fees for learners aged 24+ who are enrolling on courses at Level 3 and above
  • No credit check
  • No repayments until you earn over £27,000 per year
  • Easy to apply for
  • Low rate of interest

A 24+ Advanced Learning Loan can help you to:

  • Boost your career prospects.
  • Refresh your industry skills.
  • Progress to Higher Education.
  • Help you to get any qualification.

To qualify for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan you’ll need to be:

  • Aged 24 and over at the start of your course
  • A resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of the course
  • Enrolling on a publicly funded course at Level 3 or 4, such as: A-Levels, Access to HE Diplomas, other Diplomas and Certificates.

How is the loan paid?

  • Student Finance England (SFE) pay your course fees directly to the College
  • You will only start to repay the loan once you have completed your course and are earning over £27,000 per year
  • Any loan remaining after 25 years will be written off
  • You will pay 9% of any income earned over £27,000

What are the repayment rates?

The repayment rates depend upon salary after completion of the course: you pay 9 per cent of any income over £27,000 a year – see the table below for examples:

Your annual income (before tax)Your monthly income (before tax)Monthly repayments

Access to Higher Education (HE) course

Student Finance England will ‘write off’ any outstanding Advanced Learner Loan balances you owe for an Access to HE course once you complete a higher education course. This means you do not have to repay it.

Find out more about 24+ Advanced Learner Loans on Gov.uk