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Free English courses for October 2019

Tropics Global College offers Free English courses for October 2019 for anyone who wants to improve their level of English.

The registration is available Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.

The registration opens on Tuesday 27th of August until the 29th of September.

The class starts on Monday 30th of September and ends on Friday 25th of October.

The classes will be Monday to Friday:

Level 1 10-12 pm / 12-2 pm

Level 2 10-12 pm / 12-2 pm

For more information contact the college by email or use the landline number.

Business English

The “Business English” programme aims at improving your confidence and enhancing your communication skills in a business environment. This programme will allow you to make the most of job opportunities in your industry. You will have the opportunity to learn workplace language. This course is designed for those who are required to use English in their job or for those taking internships or apprenticeships in an English speaking country. Each classroom has a maximum of 14 students.

Level: Elementary to Upper Intermediate

More information

All of our Business English teachers have business experience which will create a rewarding place for you to learn and develop. When teaching Business English, your tutor will use materials from the Internet and newspapers so that you can apply the language to real-life situations. We can also provide specialist, industry-focused sessions as part of the programme in the form of one-to-one lessons.


The course content is personalised for the group, but popular topics include:

  • Useful office terms and expressions
  • Vocabulary related to business
  • written business communication such as letters, emails, and reports
  • Writing executive summaries
  • Managing phone calls
  • Participating in meetings…


All students will be required to complete an Initial assessment test. The assessment will determine your appropriate level of study (Elementary to Upper Intermediate).


20 Lessons

Business English

Programme Lessons per month Hours per month Location Price
Business English 48 Hours London Greenwich  £196/month


More Information

Start Date 4th of June Monthly
Lessons per Week Monday to Friday Morning:  9:30 – 12:00
 Afternoon: 12:15 – 14:45 Evening: 17:30 – 20:00

Start date and end date for the period of June to December 2018

Period of June. Starts on the 29-05-2018 to 29-06-2018. Recruitment ongoing

Period of July. Starts on the 02-07-2018 to 27-07-2018. Recruitment ongoing

Period of August. Starts on the 30-07-2018 to 24-08-2018. Recruitment ongoing

Period of September. Starts on the 27-08-2018 to 21-08-2018. Recruitment ongoing

Period of October. Starts on the 01-10-2018 to 26-10-2018. Recruitment ongoing

Period of November. Starts on the 29-10-2018 to 23-11-2018. Recruitment ongoing

Period of December. Starts on the 26-11-2018 to 14-12-2018. Recruitment ongoing


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