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The Award in Food Safety in Catering.

The Award in Food Safety in Catering can help you meet the minimum requirements laid down by the UK / EU (European Union) to work within a food environment.

The Award in Healthier Food and Special Diets will enable the learner to understand food restrictions required by many differing individuals, from a dietary need to a religious need.
The Food Safety in Catering qualifications are suitable for anybody, whether in a supervisory position or those working directly with food. For the supervisory qualification, you’ll have some experience in a full or part-time position within the hospitality sector and be looking to take on more responsibility for food safety at work.

The Healthier Food and Special Diets qualification is aimed at those chefs/learners who want to further their development and understand those with special dietary or religious needs.


Food preparation techniques.


Infection control.

Food Standards.

Food poisoning and contamination.

Temperature control.


Course time: 10 am to 2 pm.


January Cancel due to Covid-19 July Closed
March Cancel due to COVID-19 September Closed
May Closed November 19-11-2021

Level 2 course: Recruitment ongoing.
Class size: Max 15 (average class size 10)

Minimum age: 18


1 day (4 hours)