Enrolment General

  1. Minimum age of enrolment is 18.
  2. A student’s registration and enrolment for courses will serve as a binding agreement to follow the course to completion and to pay the full fees. Enrolments are deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions and agreement to abide by them.
  3. All new students are required to take a level test on their first day at the School. Students cannot choose the level at which they want to study as this will be determined by the test. Students will sometimes miss one or more of their lessons on their first day at school to complete the registration and these missed lessons are non-refundable.


  1. Payment of all course fees or a non-refundable deposit must be received before a Certificate of Enrolment can be issued. All fees due to the school must be paid in full, prior to the commencement of the course.
  2. A bank transfer may take up to one week to reach the School’s account and Certificates of Enrolment can only be issued after the funds or deposit have cleared into the School’s account.
  3. A minimum of five working days must be allowed for clearance of cheques drawn on a UK bank. (Only UK cheques are accepted.) A fee of £30.00 will be charged if a UK bank cheque is not honoured. Payments by credit card carry a 3% surcharge. Online payments are for non-agency students only. Special offers cannot be booked online.

Refund Policy

  1. No refund can be made to students once the course has commenced and no transfer of courses in whole or in part can be made. Fees are non-refundable in the case of late registration or the abandonment of a course. Tropics Global College does not permit the transfer of credit from one student to another unless approved by a manager under special circumstances.
  2. Any notice of cancellation must be made before the course starts. Cancellations will result in a loss of £300.00 administration fee. The remaining balance will be refunded. Cancellations must be made during school working hours. The school is not able to accept cancellations made between 6pm and 10am UK time, on Saturdays and Sundays, on public holidays and during the school Christmas closure.
  3. Refunds will only be given after the course start date in exceptional circumstances and requests should be made in writing to the Principal.
  4. Refunds may take up to 90 days to process once notice of cancellation has been given.
  5. No refunds will be given to any students who shorten their courses or reduce their number of lessons after their course has started. Students cannot shorten their courses and take additional lessons in replacement nor can they replace their classes with one to one lessons once they have enrolled on a course. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their return date allows time to complete their course, especially where holidays taken have extended their end date.
  6. If a student is dismissed for poor attendance or misconduct, no refund will be given.


  1. All students are required to present their passports on their first day and the school will retain a copy.
  2. Students are encouraged to arrive for lessons on time. Late entry to the class is at the discretion of the teacher who may refuse entry to any student who is more than ten minutes late or is habitually late.
  3. Course fees do not include course books, materials, travel expenses, social events where fees are charged or personal and health insurance.
  4. A student agrees on submitting the enrolment form that Tropics Global College keeps their personal records on its computerised systems. (These will not be shared with any third party.) Should any circumstances change it is the student’s responsibility to keep Tropics Global College informed of all changes, in particular, of any changes of home address in the UK, as well as in their home country, changes to emergency telephone numbers and contact names and change of email address. This is a legal requirement for Tier 4 students.
  5. All students must book holidays at least one day in advance.
  6. Only students studying fourteen weeks or more and a minimum of three hours a day can apply for a Student Oyster travel card which gives 30% discount on weekly and monthly travel cards. Applications can take up to two weeks to be processed and only students who are 18 years old and over can apply.
  7. Students at the School all study together and it is required that students consider one another and all teachers and staff. Any student whose behaviour causes inconvenience, offence or distress to other students or Tropics Global College staff will be excluded from lessons. Persistent offenders will be expelled from Tropics Global College and their course cancelled. No refund of course fees will be made.


  1. Students are expected to attend 100% of their course. Students whose attendance falls below 80% in one week will be contacted and given a warning. If they fail to attend 100% the following week they will be given a second and final warning. If they do not attend 100% in week three then they will be permanently excluded from the School, If a student is ill, they must contact the school. If they regularly have one day absence due to sickness they will be asked to see the school’s Principal and may also be expected to visit their doctor. If they are ill for three days or more, they must bring a doctor’s note.If they have a hospital appointment they must bring the appointment letter.
  2. Letters and certificates may not be issued to students who have not paid the full course fees, have attended less than 80% of their classes or have not reached the required level or failed to complete their course. Students requiring signed documents must request them at least five working days before or pay a small fee for letters required more urgently.

Tropics Global College rules

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.
  • Food is not allowed to be eaten in the classroom.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off during lessons.
  • Only English is allowed to be spoken in the classroom.
  • The use of dictionaries is permitted.
  • Tolerance of others beliefs and cultures is expected at all times and any form of prejudice or bullying will result in immediate dismissal.


A1. Accommodation bookings are confirmed only when full payment is received. Accommodation and course fees must be paid in full before you can arrive in your accommodation.

A2. A minimum of 1 month notice is needed in order to arrange homestay accommodation and a minimum of four weeks’ notice is needed to arrange student shared housing; especially during the very busy summer months from June to September. Although the School will endeavour to find the student’s first choice of accommodation we cannot always guarantee that the selection will be available.

A3. Notice of cancellation or postponement of all accommodation must be made in writing at least four weeks before the start date. Cancellation made at this time or earlier will result in a loss of £50 finding fee and any balance will be refunded.

A4. Cancellations made less than four weeks before the start date will result in a loss of four weeks’ accommodation fee and finding fee. Due to very high demand, this cancellation fee is non-negotiable.

A.4a Cancellations must be made during school working hours. The school is not able to accept cancellations made between 6pm and 10am UK time Monday to Friday, on Saturdays and Sundays, on public holidays and during the school Christmas closure.

A5. The owner of the contract must always give at least 1 month notice if they want to leave their homestay accommodation after the end of their standard contract (4 months). If the owner is unhappy with the accommodation on arrival, it is usually possible to arrange alternative accommodation by speaking to the accommodation officer the next working day.

A6. If a student wants to change the start date of their accommodation, at least two four weeks’ notice in writing must be given to Tropics Global College.

A7. British people are from various ethnical backgrounds but English is always the main language spoken in the homestay accommodation.

A8. Students are liable for any damage they cause to a host family’s property or to a student shared house or residence. A student may be asked to complete a liability form upon booking
certain types of accommodation with Tropics Global College.

A9. Students must always ask the host family’s permission before giving the home-stay address to receive post, in particularfor bank letters.

A10. You may not bring visitors back to your home without the consent of the host.

A11. You may not smoke in any of the homestay houses without the consent of your host. Smoking is not permitted in any of the student shared houses.

A12. The cost of the telephone is not included in your accommodation fee.

A13. Students are expected to respect and abide by the host family’s reasonable schedule and house rules. Failure to do so may result in the student being removed from the accommodation. If a student is removed from home-stay accommodation no refund will be given.

A14. Home-stay accommodation is not the same as hotel accommodation and therefore does not offer the same services.

A15. Those who do not request airport pickup will need to inform the School of their arrival time at the home-stay or student shared housing.

A16. Students will not be placed in home-stay accommodation with other students who speak the same language unless travelling together and by request.

A17. Twin rooms in host families are only available to students who are travelling together. Twin rooms in student shared houses are always to be shared with another independent student of the same sex unless specifically requested otherwise.

A18. It is sometimes possible to extend your home-stay or find alternative accommodation if requests are put in early but this cannot be guaranteed.

A19. Tropics Global College accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any items left in the accommodation. Please ensure that adequate insurance (health, travel, personal possessions etc.) has been purchased before leaving your home country.

A20. Accommodation services will only be provided for students who have enrolled on a course at the School.

A21. Keys for student shared housing are always provided to students on their first day and should be returned as they leave. If keys are lost, a £5 replacement fee is payable.

Airport pick-up

Students must provide accurate arrival information: date, airport, airline, terminal number, flight number and arrival time. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the School of accurate and timely arrival details. If incorrect details are supplied, Tropics Global College will not refund the transfer fees.


L1. Students are advised that the School, its employees and its representatives accept no liability for personal injury and / or loss of /damage to personal property on the Schools premises, whether by fire, burglary, theft or otherwise. This condition also applies to public and private places when students are on School trips or excursions.

L2. The School is not responsible for the safe keeping or delivery of any fax, post, etc .sent to the students at the Schools addresses.

L3. The School is not responsible for the safekeeping of exam results or certificates.

L4. Students may from time to time be photographed, the photographs of which may be used in the School’s promotional / publicity material. The School will obtain permission from the student before taking photographs and the student has the right not to be photographed. The School reserves the right to all photographs and the use of these photographs in promotional material where permission has been granted for their use. The copyright to all photographs shall belong to the School.

L5. It is the policy of the School not to divulge any personal details of students to a third party, other than to the appropriate authorities, without the student’s prior consent.

L6. In all cases the decision of the Managing Director of Tropics Global College will be final and binding.

These Terms are governed by the law of England and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

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