One to one English Lessons




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One to one English Lessons


One to one English Lessons

Our one-to-one English lessons provide contents and materials tailored towards your specific needs. This programme can help improve your general English skills, exam technique, interview preparation or teach you specialised business vocabulary.

We have a full range of one-to-one English classes to work around your schedule for all types of work.


Tropics Global College one-to-one courses are ideal if you want to develop your English for a specific purpose such as a spoken General English or English for business.

This option can also offer help on exam preparation such as one of the IELTS or TOEIC exams.

If you are seeking work, you can take one-to-one lessons to work on your CV and prepare for your job interview.

Whatever your personal English goal is, this option allows you to tailor your course to your needs, whether you choose to study online or in school.

After an initial assessment, we will pair you up with a specialist tutor who will plan the sessions based on your personal objectives.

Your own personal language trainer focused exclusively on your language goals for your career.


All students will be required to complete an Initial Assessment Test to determine your appropriate level of study, Beginner (A1) up to Proficiency level (C2).

You can register on our website or at the college.

Face to Face English lessons

All our face to face courses is held in our college.

Who is this course for?

The Face to face One-to-One course is for people who want a course that is 100% personalised to their needs and objectives.

You might be preparing for a new job role and need to rapidly improve your knowledge of professional English, you might be preparing for a presentation and want your language skills to help make it stand out, or you might need to master the language for an exam you are taking to boost your career.

You might just prefer the learning style of having a trainer solely focused on your goals.


Your learning outcomes will be based entirely on your individual needs. These will be clearly defined with you at the start of the course. Your progress towards achieving these goals will be monitored closely throughout the course, so that changes can be made rapidly to ensure you are on the right track to success.

Course content

We start by talking to you about what you would like to achieve and improve on and build a course around you. Using your needs analysis prior to the start of the course.

You might prefer to focus on specific skills instead such as:

  • Language for presentations
  • Language for meetings
  • Language for leaders
  • Language for appraisals
  • Language for written communication (effective emails and report writing)

Prepare for an exam

  • English TOEIC
  • English IELTS


Online English lessons

Use our Online Zoom classes from anywhere in the world to join us.

We know you can’t always be with us at our school in London, even if you want to be, but you can still benefit from our best teachers wherever you are in the world.

Our online English lessons deliver world-class English teachers to your desktop, laptop or tablet.

You can also book online lessons with our teachers before or after attending a face-to-face course with us, to maximise your learning.

How virtual language coaching works

  • We will put you in touch with your tutor via WhatsApp.
  • We will assess your current level and your individual needs and plan your course around you
  • We will send you all resources by email to support your leaning.
  • The documents we share will help you with reading and writing skills (if needed), and oral input from our trainer will help you with speaking, listening and vocabulary, to give you more confidence and fluency in English
  • We will be using Zoom where will be able to monitor your progression
  • All classes would be recorded and would be sent to you afterward.


Course time:

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday: 3 pm to 5 pm Face to Face or Online classes

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday: 6 pm to 8 pm Face to Face or Online classes

Course length: 4 weeks minimum
Class size: Max 1 person
Minimum age: 18


Packages and Fees:

Monthly Packages and fees:
P1: 8 days / 4 weeks: 16 hours, £320
P2: 12 days / 4 weeks: 24 hours, £480
P3: 16 days / 8 weeks: 32 hours, £608
P4: 24 days / 8 weeks: 48 hours, £912
P5: 24 days / 12 weeks: 48 hours, £864
P6: 36 days / 12 weeks: 72 hours, £1296

*Each session has 4 weeks of classes, however, the December session has only 3 weeks of classes.

Start dates and end dates for the periods of January 2022 to December 2022.

Period of January. Starts from 10-01-2022 to 28-01-2022. Not available anymore

Period of February. Starts from 31-01-2022 to 25-02-2022. Not available anymore

Period of March. Starts from 28-02-2022 to 25-03-2022. Not available anymore

Period of April. Starts from 04-04-2022 to 29-04-2022. Not available anymore

Period of May. Starts from 03-05-2022 to 27-05-2022. Not available anymore

Period of June. Starts from 30-05-2022 to 24-06-2022. Not available anymore

Period of July. Starts from 04-07-2022 to 29-07-2022.

Period of August. Starts from 01-08-2022 to 26-08-2022.

Period of September. Starts from 30-08-2022 to 23-09-2022.

Period of October. Starts from 03-10-2022 to 28-10-2022.

Period of November. Starts from 31-10-2022 to 25-11-2022.

Period of December. Starts from 28-11-2022 to 16-12-2022. (only 3 weeks)

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