English ESOL Exam

Book your English ESOL exams at Tropics Global College.



English ESOL Exam


Book your English ESOL Exam at Tropics Global College.

Our English ESOL Exam (English for speakers of other languages) is aimed at foreign students studying English. Practice your English skills in areas such as spelling and vocabulary through to sentence structure and word usage.

The ESOL test is for students whose native language is not English. This exam focuses on a variety of topics which covers all areas of this collection. If you are studying for a particular exam, you may wish to take the individual exam such as English IELTS, English TOEIC or Functional Skills English. ESOL programs are offered worldwide in many educational institutions, acknowledging the universal significance and widespread impact of English as a language. Students usually study for ESOL in their home country although some individuals may choose to fund their own study and live in a country where the primary language is English.

ESOL courses and exams help individuals progress and access education and employment that require English proficiency.

For adults aged 19 and above residing in the UK, these certifications provide the necessary English language skills needed for daily life activities, further studies, and employment purposes.

At Tropics Global College, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing students’ communicative and transferable English language skills. Additionally, our goal is to boost students’ self-assurance in using these abilities in everyday situations. Moreover, the real-life relevance of our topics and assignments creates a thrilling and motivating atmosphere for students as they prepare for exams.

Here you will find more about English ESOL Exam:

Available Level 1 and Level 2.

Dates: Exams are open all year.
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
Recommendation: All students must take an Initial Assessment test. Based on the results, we will recommend the number of classes they need to attend… In addition, your tutor will request a practice exam before booking your final exam.
Style: Paper-based
Reading – Writing – Speaking and listening


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