Are you eligible for funded training?

There are many funded courses available at Tropics Global College in different subjects.

Fully government-funded places are available for anyone: who is over 19, currently lives in England and has lived within the EU for the last three years.

The Student would have to provide:

  • Proof of ID or Passport.
  • Proof of Address (dated the last 2 months).
  • Proof of National Insurance Number.
  • Proof of Settled or Pre-Settled Status (only for EU students).

Courses are usually around 2 to 10 weeks in duration, although some are shorter. The courses are divided into units, and students will receive activities to work through.

No formal qualifications are required to attend the courses; however, an initial assessment test is requested.

Students, in addition, have the possibility to study at college or online via zoom.

Some courses are subject to £50 admin fees.